Cannabis Sports Betting

No sports? Locked down and no betting? Time to write down May 14th, May 18th, and now May 20th. What’s so special about those dates? Simple, Cannabis Sports Betting begins May 14th!!

Curaleaf $CURLF , Green Thumb Industries, and now Trulieve just announced Quarter One 2020 and Curaleaf and Green Thumb will include initial Illinois Recreational Cannabis sales and earnings.

Curaleaf is predicting 100 million Q1 and Green Thumb has predicted/Guided 91 million. If that not enough to get you going , Trulieve today announced May 20th. My GRAND SLAM pick Tilt Holdings USA $TLLTF was up 7% today. Forget the Canadien LPs and over supply problems! Forget the $4 a gram Canada sales prices and add some $12 a gram USA MSOs to your Cannabis gambling.

Why do I call it #Gambling ?? It’s because with USA NOT yet allowing FEDERAL Recreational and Banking, it truly is gambling!! My HORSE in the fight is TILT Holdings and the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater in the past Vaping Crisis in Sept/October 2019…….those prob

TILT 510 ccell

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